Garden of Ridvan

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A Garden of Paradise was created in Clearwater, Florida by a Clearwater man to educate the community on organic food and plants and to help balance the ecosystem.

Rouhani's vision is that families go to this community garden to learn all about planting organic fruit and flowers, and the benefits of eating healthy, organic foods.

The 20-acre paradise includes several thousand fruit trees and flowers and other plants for all to volunteer their time and reap the sowings.

Events At Garden of Ridvan

Community Garden | Food Forest | Educational Program

There is always activity on the grounds whether it be planting or harvesting or otherwise maintaining the growing plants of the garden.

Everyone is welcome, everyone is invited. We have 20 acres that can be used for the good of the community.

A calendar of events is soon to be published here. So, do check back with us later or bookmark this page.

At present, we could use some help planting flowers and weed clean up.

Flowers Arriving

Events At Garden of Ridvan Events At Garden of Ridvan Events At Garden of Ridvan